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About Us

Ayruveda, the ancient Indian science of healing is in our lineage. When Indian became independent, it brought with it modernity but also a resurgence of holistic healing methods. In 1949, Uttam Chand Batra, a Hakim (Eastern Medicine Physician) by training established Uttam Ayurveda.


 Uttam Ayurveda continued to grow and flourish under his son, Vaidya Devinder Batra whose spiritual gifts added to his knowledge of herbs and healing methods. Uttam Ayuerveda soon grew to international fame and Dr. Batra’s students and patients traveled from all over the world to get healing and wisdom. 

Now, the third generation of this healthcare legacy-Dr. Manav Batra continues to see patients and formulate innovative healing solutions. 

At Uttam Ayurveda, our philosophy is total mind-body-spirit health and it is this holistic commitment to well being that drives our focus. We have treatments for a wide range of acute & chronic medical conditions and have treated thousands of patients successfully. 

 The vast majority of our herbs and plants are hand-picked and our formulations are made in-house. The care with which we treat our patients is what we show our herbs and the environment, making sure no pesticides or chemicals are used. 

We have a wide range of more than 400+ ayurvedic products, bringing the highest quality of medicinal and cosmetic products to you-our valued customers. Our medicines are 100% natural and they work, both in conjunction with allopathy but also work where western medicine stops working. 

Uttam, means “excellent’ and its excellence that we strive for. Its why we are the answer in Ayurveda that you are looking for. 


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